The controversy surrounding Rocko's "U.O.E.N.O." seems to be subsiding, with Rick Ross getting dropped from Reebok and Rocko releasing a new remix to the song without the MMG Bawse. Rocko had previously said in an interview with Hot 97 that he was taking Rick Ross off the song to make it more radio friendly. However, it seems Rocko wasn't clear about his intentions, as he clarifies in a new interview with DJ Whoo Kid that Rick Ross is still on the record, it's just that there are multiple versions of the song, some of which may get more radio play.

Rocko explained to DJ Whoo Kid during their interview, "Ross is on the record. People are like, 'man, why he take Ross off the record?' I didn't take Ross off the record. I got multiple versions of the record. I got people that wanna get on the record. It's a good record. If I respect you and I respect your craft, I don't mind you doing a verse on the record."

Rocko continued, showing support for Rozay. "Ross is gunna always be on that record. Whenever I perform that record, Ross' shit gon' play. When I first heard the shit, 'cause Ross known for saying some ill shit. And I heard this shit and I'm like Ross be going in," the FBG rapper said.

He explained that when it comes to the radio, you may not be hearing the version with Rick Ross on it, depending on the station. "When you turn on the radio, you may hear his version, or you may hear another version, 'cause certain radio might not play that particular version, but I'm standing on the original, but I'm standing on every version I got. As of right now, I got seven verses from different people," Rocko confirmed.

Check out the full interview with Rocko below, where he also discusses T-Pain and his insults to Future.