If you're suing someone for $10 million, you'd better hope that person has enough to foot the bill. Rocko, who signed Future to A1 recordings in 2011, is suing his former signee over breach of contract, so he's been keeping an eye on the rapper's funds.

According to TMZ, Rocko has now asked the court to make Future put away his earnings from the upcoming Nobody Safe tour. Rocko estimates that Future will be making more than $5 million, and he's not going to let him blow the earnings while on the hook for $10 million.

The suit states that Future was signed up to make 6 albums for A1, but his distribution deal with EPIC complicated things. Rocko now feels he's been unfairly cut out of money he's owed. Future has since countersued, claiming that not only was his EPIC deal totally legal, but that Rocko owes him money from previous advances.

It's now up to the court to decide whether or not Future will be forced to put his money in escrow.

Future has yet to respond to the report.