Rocko and Future have been part of the same Atlanta collective for some time, both releasing albums on local record label A1. While they have appeared on one another's tracks frequently, the two have never done a full project together. Rocko revealed in a recent interview that the two will soon work on a full-length together, and took some time to detail his collaborative process.

On his popular street tracks, Rocko said he had no intention of writing hits, and the songs just came out naturally. "I didn't make them hits. I just go in the studio and try to make good music." he said, adding "The fans, the streets are the one that made them hits."

As far as the way Rocko chooses his collaborators, the ATL rapper is fairly picky. "I'm real stingy when it comes to my music" he said. "I want my fans to tune in to me because of me. I'm open to collab with anyone as long as I respect them."

Rocko then announced that not only would he be working with Future for a full project, but it would be an album rather than a mixtape."Me and Future we doing an album together" he said, adding, "we'll probably drop it at the end of the year if not the top of next year."

The rapper explained why he wanted the project to be an album rather than a mixtape. "As far as mixtapes we really trying to flip this thing and we trying to monetize all this music" he explained. "Ok we gave you hit after hit after hit, now support our campaign one time... we gonna put this music in the store"

Listen to the full interview below.