Rockie Fresh has been hard at work since signing to Ricky Rozay's MMG team this summer. Rockie dropped his debut mixtape, Electric Highway for the Maybach Music camp on Monday, and has been learning a lot from Ross since being picked up.

As a Chicago resident, Rockie has witnessed a lot of gun crimes happening in his hometown, particularly centered around youth gangs. The Chi-city rapper took a minute with the BoomBox recently to share some thoughts on how to correct the gun craze happening in the city, one that has young rapper Chief Keef serving time for gun-related crimes.

Rockie suggested that the kids involved with the gun violence aren't getting the weapons legally in the first place, so the issue may not be a question of tighter firearms laws.

"It's definitely real out there. I feel like a lot of people that traumatize us with the usage of guns are the people who are going to get guns regardless. Whether you put tight gun control on it or not, these people are getting guns because they can easily access them. And with that, it's like they're already out here now.' he said.

"So if you wanna try to control people who are trying to go about it the right way, and we're the ones that's kinda moreso in danger at this point because we don't have anything to protect ourselves with. So I think it's something that the government needs to think about deeply and takes into consideration all sides." Rockie argued.

While he feels that gun laws are not the solution, Rockie is still unsure of how to solve the problem, but he knows there has to be a bigger change to make an impact, concluding, "In Chicago, I mean these are 16, 17, 18 year old kids committing murders. And they're getting these guns – not from their parents. So its not like an in house type of thing. And with that, it has to be bigger than just upping the gun control I think. And I don't know what it's going to take, if I did, I'd probably be running for president."