Giannis Anetotokounmpo was given league MVP honors last night at the NBA Awards as he went up against competition like Paul George and James Harden. Most people thought the award would come down to a two-player showdown between Harden and the Greek Freak. In the end, Harden lost out on winning two-straight MVPs and the Houston Rockets Twitter account was upset.

They decided to make a large checklist of all the achievements Harden racked up this season and how he deserves to be the MVP over Giannis. All of these achievements are offense-based and don't take into account how Harden wasn't exactly the best on defense. 

As you would expect, Twitter was pretty harsh on the Rockets as they were mercilessly roasted for trying to claim Harden was this year's MVP. Some of the memes that came out of this were pretty hilarious so we have to thank the Rockets for their service to humanity here. Giannis was clearly the better player this season and definitely deserved his big award and an even bigger moment last night.

While Rockets fans may disagree, at least Harden got his MVP award last season. Either way, them team lost to the Warriors without Kevin Durant and that's all that needs to be said.