Roc Marciano is ponying up the follow-up to RR2: The Bitter Dose, but there's a catch: it isn't available on streaming platforms -- if you want to download you must do so directly from his personal webpage

Roc Marciano direct traffic towards his website by posting the cover art for Behold a Dark Horse, as well as the tracklist, which includes contributions from Black Thought, Knowledge The Pirate, Busta Rhymes, Q-Tip, and The Alchemist. As per usual, Roc Marciano handled a fair share of the production himself.

Contrary to public perception, Roc Marciano is not computer illiterate or unaware of unilateral streaming and its pragmatic appeal. For RR2: The Bitter Dose, released earlier in the year, Marci made the album a website exclusive purchase at a one-time price of $30, only to re-release it on streaming platforms several months later once the novelty wore off. By all accounts, Roc Marciano will be employing the same marketing strategy for Behold a Dark Horse.

Check out the tracklist.

1. "The Horse's Mouth" (Produced by Preservation)
2. "Congo" (Produced by Roc Marciano)
3. "1000 Deaths" (Produced by Roc Marciano)
4. "Diamond Cutters" featuring Black Thought (Produced by Roc Marciano)
5. "Amethyst" (Produced by Animoss)
6. "Sampson & Delilah" (Produced by Doncee)
7. "No Love" featuring Knowledge The Pirate (Produced by Roc Marciano)
8. "Trojan Horse" featuring Busta Rhymes (Produced by Roc Marciano)
9. "Fabio" (Produced by The Alchemist)
10. "Secrets" (Produced by Roc Marciano)
11. "Whoolers" (Produced by Animoss)
12. "Consigliere" (Produced by Q-Tip) 

His video for "The Horse's Mouth."