Robin Thicke has been very lost since divorcing his wife, Paula Patton, after 21 years together. Coming off of a smash record with "Blurred Lines," Thicke took a series of Ls for the history books, releasing a spectacular flop of an album, which doubled as an attempt to get Paula back (it didn't work), and then losing the "Blurred Lines" lawsuit to the Gaye estate, coughing up millions, and admitting that he essentially contributed nothing to the song through a very messy deposition.

It's been four months since Thicke and Patton's divorce was made final, and the singer has now announced that he's getting remarried -- to a woman 18 years younger than him. The 20-year-old bride-to-be is April Love Geary, a woman Thicke has been seeing since October. The gossip sites are reporting that the singer has gone against his parents' advice not to rush into the relationship because he doesn't want to take the risk of losing her.

After his recent record, Thicke is certainly due for an upswing (and his latest single was low-key flames). Will this be a happy new phase for Robin and April or is he trying to turn a rebound into something more than it's meant to be?