On Tuesday night, the Chicago Bulls rolled into the the Air Canada Centre to take on Demar Derozan & the Toronto Raptors. Fighting for the 8th playoff seed, the Bulls have been struggling to meet expectations all year long, and it looks like that frustration is starting to catch up to the players. During the second half of Tuesday night's game, Bulls center Robin Lopez got into a fight with Raptors center Serge Ibaka, and not just a shoving match like we usually see, but a couple haymakers were thrown.

By the looks of it, Robin gets a little push in the back by Serge, so he reacted by slapping the ball out of Ibaka’s hand, ultimately drawing the two to get tangled up together. In the process, some words were being thrown around & Lopez took upon himself to throw the first punch. Having missed, Serge repaid the favor & swung right back at Robin, connecting on the left side of his head (by his ear).

Both players were immediately ejected from the game, and will both probably face some sort of suspension. Check out the fight go down (below). Oh yeah, Bulls ended up blowing a 17-pt lead & eventually lost in overtime.