A few days ago, a GoFundMe page popped up and quickly made the news all over the world. Roberto, the brother of the the world's most renowned drug trafficker, the late Pablo Escobar, had made a fundraising page with the goal of raising $50 million to impeach Donald Trump.

Yesterday, that fundraising page was shut down, according to TMZ, because GoFundMe had concerns over where exactly the brother of Pablo Escobar would spend his millions (he'd raised $10 million by the time the pages was shut down). The page is now survived by a website where those who trust Roberto Escobar to be their representative in American politics can donate–with traditional or crypto-currencies–to his "Impeach Trump Fund."

As for how Roberto Plans to impeach the President of the US, his website cites three methods. First, is he would use the cash to "legally obtain intelligence which could make an impeachment possible." The money would also "pay for professional lobbyists to go against Donald Trump" and "be paid to a law firm to handle communications with Washington & others to get Trump impeached."

If, after all this, you're still wondering exactly who Roberto is and why he's doing this, he describe himself on the website: 

Roberto Escobar is the former Co-Founder of the Medellín cartel alongside his brother Pablo Escobar where Roberto used to be the accountant responsible for over $100 billion in profits. In 1984 Roberto founded the company Escobar Inc which he is currently running to preserve the legacy of his brother Pablo.

The campaign also has a video ad, that appears to be a template, with some text and Trump's face pasted in: