New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is in the legal battle of his life right now as back in February, he was accused by authorities in Jupiter, Florida, of soliciting prostitution at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa. Kraft was one of the dozens of men who were accused of the crime and since then, Kraft has pleaded not guilty to two misdemeanor charges of first-degree solicitation. Kraft and his legal team have been working overtime to make sure the alleged video of him inside the spa doesn't end up getting released to the public

While his legal team has been fairly successful at keeping the tape from reaching the masses, they have run into some trouble elsewhere. This week, prosecutors accused his lawyers Alex Spiro and William Burck of "knowingly and intentionally making a false statement of fact," according to the Miami Herald. In the report, it states that the lawyers had made up a false statement regarding Jupiter police officer Scott Kimbark and the traffic stops he was conducting outside of the spa. The lawyers say Kimbark said he could "make s*** up" if people questioned him while doing the stops, although as the report clearly states, he never said that. The statement was allegedly forged while questioning Kimbark on the stand.

Patrick Dove - Pool/Getty Images

Burck is now lashing out at the prosecution, saying that their claims are false and could set a dangerous precedent in the case.

"Alex Spiro and our firm will not be intimidated by the state attorney and their efforts to smear us with false allegations and will not deter us from defending our client from what we have contended are unconstitutional illegal acts," Burck told NBC News.

Stay tuned for further updates in this case.