Robert Kraft just turned 80 but he's enjoying his special day with a luxurious new ride, courtesy of a few friends. The New England Patriots owner bought himself a new home recently so, Michael Rubin went to his home to surprise him with a brand new Bentley that he said was a gift from fellow REFORM Alliance members. 

Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images

"That's exactly what --" Kraft said, stunned by the gift as he gave Rubin a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. "This came from Meek and Jay and Will and Allen and Des," Rubin responded. 

Rubin pulled up to Kraft's home where he surprised him with the blue Bentley along with a massive birthday card that reads, "Happy 80th Birthday Robert Kraft." The inside reads, "Except you look 40 and act 25." Kraft was absolutely shocked at the gesture, especially since the vehicle is apparently quite rare. 

"How the fudge did you get it? 'Cause we couldn't get it," Kraft asked Rubin who offered an incredibly vague response. "We got resources," Rubin said. 

Meek shared the footage to his Instagram page where he confirmed that he put in on the Bentley. "Drop top bent for Kraft," he wrote along with several diamond emojis. "awwwwww lol hbd robert," he added.

It definitely pays to have rich friends. Peep the full video below.