Robert Griffin III had himself a solid rookie season with the Washington Football Team almost a decade ago. Unfortunately, injuries almost derailed his career completely, although he was able to find success as a backup with the likes of the Baltimore Ravens. Now, Griffin is watching NFL games from home and he is still very much interested in finding a job somewhere in the league.

Yesterday, Griffin was watching the Washington Football Team take on the Los Angeles Chargers when the team's QB Ryan Fitzpatrick went down with a hip injury. Griffin spotted this right away and in shameless fashion, he decided to shoot his shot with his former team.

Robert Griffin III

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

In the tweet below and even a later post on Instagram, Griffin simply says "Make the call" while posting a video of his most infamous highlight in which he scores an 80-yard rushing touchdown before jumping into the crowd. While you've got to appreciate his desire to get back to the game, it appears as though it's not going to happen for him as the WFT has stated that they will be sticking with their current backups and depth chart.

Perhaps the team will have a change of heart if things don't go so well with their current personnel. After making the postseason last year, the WFT expects to be back and if they can't get there, then it will be a tremendous disappointment for the club.

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