Donald Trump is not very popular in Hollywood. The wealthy silver screen community has been labeled as "Liberal," and many of Trump's supporters feel as if celebrities have no say when it comes to politics. While the idea that any American should be denied an opinion about the political landscape in their own country is laughable, the idea that a person should be banned from an establishment based on their political views is equally ridiculous. 

Robert De Niro is a legendary actor, but he's also co-owner of the world renown Nobu restaurant chain. In an interview with Daily MailDe Niro stated that he would not let Trump into any of the Nobu's worldwide. Trump famously visited a Nobu in Moscow during the same trip where he allegedly paid prostitutes to perform golden showers. Speaking with Page SixDe Niro’s publicist Stan Rosenfield stated, “Nobody is banned from Nobu, regardless of what you read.”

“It’s a restaurant. It’s not a political forum,” a source from Nobu stated. They also claim that the only way to get banned is by acting drunk and disorderly, or by misbehaving and harassing the staff or other customers. “No matter how many times you choose to rephrase the question, the answer remains, no one is banned from coming to dinner at Nobu,” Rosenfield concluded.