Florida rapper Robb Bank$ has been hyping up the release of his new album, Falconia, for quite some time. However, it seems that in the wake of XXXTentacion's death, the album's release has been given an entirely new meaning.

On Twitter today, Robb shared a conversation that he had with X in their Instagram DM's. While some of it is the type of roasting you might expect from people their age, Robb chose to highlight a part of the conversation they had back in January. It's a simple conversation; Robb announces that he's finished work on Falconia, X asks to hear it, and Rob arranges a place where they can meet up.

While it probably didn't seem like much at the time, these interactions took on a whole new meaning for Robb, following the death of his friend. In the tweet, he wrote, "Ima do it 4 u... 1st single Monday ... #FALCONIA." It seems we won't have long to wait to hear what Robb has in store for us.

We do know quite a bit about the album already, namely that it's extremely long. While Drake's Scorpion double album might seem lengthy, Robb has promised his fans a total of 43 songs across 3 acts. We also know that the project will be dropping sometime this summer, as well as a collaborative project between him and Wifisfuneral before that.

Are you excited to hear new music from Robb Bank$? Check out Robb's tweet and his messages with X below.