"Chill Bill" was a slow burn success story. It first made noise in the underground scene, then went viral thanks to funny videos on social media. $tone got signed to RCA and finally, it caught mainstream success. A year and a half after its release, it was certified platinum. Rob $tone recently spoke on the phone with Pigeons and Planes. He revealed that he learned "Chill Bill" went platinum on his one-year-old baby boy's birthday.

"We was just outside, I was pushing him in a little car outside my driveway and then I checked my Twitter on my phone and I saw Headline Planet tweeted it and it just went crazy," the San Diego native said. "I started screaming. It was lit."

Featuring J. Davi$ and Spooks, the track got the certification as far back as December 12, 2016, but $tone only caught wind of it on January 3, 2017 while hanging out with his son.

Watch the interview we did with him back in November.