The lawyers representing the Kardashian family have come out in denial of the claims made by Blac Chyna's attorneys, who said that Chyna had a successful day in court. Shawn Holley, the Kardashians' representative in court, told The Blast that “the Bloom Firm’s press release is not an accurate statement of what happened in court.”

Chyna's lawyers had previously released a statement that claimed "the court REJECTED the Kardashian family’s request to strike Chyna’s entire lawsuit." The lawsuit alleges, basically, that the Kardashian family treated her badly, claiming specifically that Chyna was "slut shamed, defamed and the victim of a plot to kill her hit show, Rob and Chyna." This supposedly caused Chyna, "significant financial damages."

Apparently, Chyna's day in court was not only less-successful than previously thought, but completely unsuccessful, says Holley:

the Kardashians have successfully chipped away at Ms. White’s outlandish claims since her lawsuit was filed, culminating in [Wednesday]’s hearing — a hearing at which the Court invited counsel for the Kardashians to seek attorney fees against the Bloom Firm for their failure to support Ms. White’s spurious allegations with actual evidence.

We'll see soon enough, the case will go to court next month.