Rob Kardashian is really set on being a father of the year candidate. Part of that comes with the added responsibility of shunning anyone that doesn't look the part. On the surface, Tristan Thompson doesn't have the flexible schedule nor the attention span to be a father of the year candidate. Where blood runs deep so do matters of convenience. Since Rob Kardashian doesn't see sister Khloe and Tristan's relationship lasting forever, and most do(?), it's become easy for him to dismiss his would-be brother-in-law altogether.

According to TMZ, Rob is still furious with Tristan and thinks his sister can do better. Unfortunately even if they were to split, the birth of their child bearing the Thompson name is enough to keep him in the fold for the rest of eternity. Of course Rob has every right to call Tristan an "asshole." The timing of the his bender wasn't exactly great. If he cheated because it was easy to desexualize his pregnant wife, then yes Tristan is not only an asshole, but is not a father of the year candidate so help me God. Parenthood or the responsibility associated with it begins well before the actual birth of a child. Apparently Rob will not conform with the rest of the family in their decision to not pressure Khloe into dumping Tristan. it's going down.