Rob Kardashian may be readying to come out of the shadows soon. The Kardashian brother has recently posted a photo of a gym, possibly his own. The younger brother of Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian shared the image with the following caption: "Day 1 all good," along with curled bicep & pregnant women emojis. Considerably, Rob Kardashian has put on quite a lot of weight in recent years. Mainly, the latter can be attributed to a deep depression he underwent along with stress. While with Blac Chyna, it seemed Rob was getting back on track with his weight and he managed to shed a bit of it. Though he still looks much different than he used to in the early 2010s. As such, it is great to see him back on a healthy lifestyle.

During Rob's reality show with Blac Chyna, Rob & Chyna, his ex tried to get him on a healthy plan to lose some weight and feel better. The weight shedding efforts were impeded by their volatile relationship which ended. The two still welcomed a beautiful baby girl by the name of Dream which they are currently co-parenting. Rob's weight played a major role in his isolation from the public eye. Best of luck to Rob Kardashian on his health journey.