Welp, that went from 0-100 real quick. Rumors began to float around the net a few days ago that Blac Chyna's latest conquest was none other than Rob Kardashian. Chyna posted an Instagram photo of the two, and while Rob isn't entirely visible in the photo, some quick internet sleuthing will tell you it's most definitely his tattoo-covered arm.

Following her IG post, Khloe Kardashian sent out some subliminal tweets which some thought were directed at the two-- "You can do anything. But never go against the family," she wrote, later clarifying it was in regards to someone bailing on her talk show, seemingly unaware of Rob's antics, she wrote after, "But hey, maybe my quote can go towards a few people today. Well now I know what all my family members are doing lol. Thanks Twitter."

The latest piece of gossip is that Rob and Chyna have shacked up together, for a good five days now. Apparently Rob made the first move on Chyna, via a DM two weeks ago. Sources say that Rob genuinely likes Chyna and isn't trying to go against the Kardashian clan-- although the clan is apparently upset anyways. The Kardashians are reportedly of the mindset that Chyna is manipulating Rob, who is currently depressed, and they think she's the one who made a play for him.

We'll keep you posted on the tangled web of Kardashian hook-ups.