New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski was asked about his future in the NFL multiple times during the Monday night's media session, but he remains uncertain about his retirement plans.

Gronkowski had considered retirement following the Patriots loss to the Eagles in Super Bowl LII, and waited until April before he announced he'd be returning to the Patriots. Judging from his comments at Super Bowl media day, it looks like Gronk will take a similar approach after Super Bowl LIII.

Asked by ESPN when he plans to decide on continuing or ending his career, Gronkowski responded, "As of right now, those are the last things I'm thinking of. ... I love playing the game. After a long season, after the [Super Bowl], a few weeks down the road, you sit back, you relax, you get some downtime, enjoyment time. And you just see where you want to go with it.''

Pressed on whether he wants to play beyond this season, Gronk answered, "That's a tricky question. You're trying to get around me. You're just trying to get you some answers over there, baby. But, like I said, I don't know. I haven't done that sit-down yet. I've got to do that sit-down. About two weeks after [the season]. Then I'll know.''

Of course, there were more than just retirement questions being lobbed at Gronk during Media Day. As seen in the video clips below, he also got to discuss his love for the number 69 and his thoughts about wearing a shirt in the pool.