RMR & Tyla Yaweh Takeover Jamie Foxx's Pad In "Vibes" Video

Mitch Findlay
May 27, 2021 17:53

RMR and Tyla Yaweh throw a party at Jamie Foxx's house in the new video for "Vibes."

RMR only recently released his new single "Vibes," teaming up with Tyla Yaweh for the occasion. Now, the crossover phenom has rounded out the experience with some new visuals, which come complete with a cameo from Jamie Foxx. In fact, Foxx plays a larger role in the narrative at hand, albeit unwittingly.

Tasked with car-and-house-sitting for the Oscar-winner actor, RMR swiftly seizes the opportunity to throw a rager, complete with more women than the singer can conceivably entertain at one moment. Luckily, Foxx doesn't seem fazed by the spontaneous bash, though he does hit our hero with a half-hearted lecture of sorts. "You were supposed to be taking care of things," says a grinning Foxx. "You said you wanted to get away, to meditate and shit, and here you are throwing a party up in this bitch."

Though RMR attempts to bluff, Foxx has technology on his side. "I checked the security cameras," he notes, only to have RMR counter the disapproval with an unbeatable trump card -- Foxx's apparent Achilles Heel, the ladies. The minute they enter Foxx's sightline, the singer's stamp of approval is all but granted. Check out the video, straightforward but not without heart, and be sure to keep an eye out for whatever RMR has in the pipeline moving forward. 

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