RJ Plays Roadside Therapist On "How To Roll"

Devin Ch
April 12, 2018 18:11

RJ joins us for the latest episode of "How To Roll."

RJ is from LA were dispensaries have seen weed culture becoming a significant part of every day life on the Best Coast. RJ admits that his busy schedule precludes him from rolling his own Js, but when he does the ritual begins with a teardown of a Backwood or Dutch Master blunt. On this episode of "How To Roll," RJ takes a momentary pause to enjoy the tactile functions of a good spliff roll, which in turn feels a lot like a therapy session.

No one method is alike. For starters, RJ prefers the OG strain, synonymous with Northern Cali. Even so, he likes his weed medicated over a controlled period of time. For that reason alone, RJ doesn't step foot anywhere near Marijuana edibles or other Cannabis products. RJ has no time to nurse a temporary knockout high, which is part of the reason he also doesn't touch lean. 

For what it's worth, RJ comes off as a person who enjoys hearty discussion when the weed hits. His chat at HNHH's New York offices takes him through a series of reversible doors. The weed smoke and counting, RJ refuses to spew vague rapper cliches, instead letting his personable attitude do the talking.

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HNHH TV RJ Plays Roadside Therapist On "How To Roll"