RJ Chooses Between Lakers & Clippers, Popeyes & Chick-Fil-A, & More

Alex Zidel
September 20, 2019 12:18

RJMrLA joins us for the latest episode of "This Or That."

34-year-old Los Angeles rapper RJ, also known as RJMrLA, has been working closely with prominent West Coast presences YG and Mustard for years. His significance has been captured more on the underground but he manages to impress whenever he hits his stride, appearing for many features on his homie's albums. On our recurring This Or That series, we ask some of the hottest recording artists to make some difficult decisions, choosing between some of their favorite things. RJ's episode was a little more introspective than most, going into his true aspirations and offering up intense situations.

Of course, RJ still answered questions about his favorite sports teams, food items, and more, but much of the interesting soundbites came from the deeper questions. When faced with fame vs. power, the rapper hit us with an emphatic "Power!" "Although you can use your fame for power," he added. "You can take fame and you can drown in it or you can take fame and use it to shine and use it towards good deeds and shit like that."

We also asked the veteran if he would prefer having the ability to create or delete history, to which he chose the former. "I would rather live with the regrets. Fuck it, it's already out," he said. 

As for his simplest dilemmas, RJ picked the Lakers over the Clippers, flying over mind-reading, and more. Watch the full episode above.

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