Last year was a quiet one for Rita Ora. The singer finally released her sophomore album but we had been waiting on it for such a long time. It arrived in late November and aside from that, there wasn't much activity from the artist besides her bikini photos on Instagram. She may be looking to adopt a role similar to Iggy Azalea at this point because she's hinting that there's a lot more of that to come in the New Year.

As we peddle forward in 2019, Rita Ora shared a trio of sexy shots of herself, letting fans know that there may be a lot more of that to come soon. The first was taken yesterday with the star posing in her undies in the mirror. She decided to follow that up by rocking a pink bikini, showing off her tan in the process. Rita joked that she may need to figure out her bra size in the New Year and, considering there's a lot of underboob action happening, many have agreed in the comments. We're not complaining though.

This isn't a bad way to keep fans engaged with her content as they wait for new music. It's unclear what she's got planned for 2019 but at least we can expect to be seeing Rita pop up on our feeds on a regular basis.