The only relationship most of us recall Rob Kardashian having, is the very turbulent one he had with Blac Chyna, lets be honest. Their incessant, messy relationship drama between 2016 and 2017 was as entertaining as it was iconic. Pop culture thanks them for their contributions. But beyond that, Kardashian had a brief relationship with "Black Widow" songstress, Rita Ora, in 2012 and even she forgot about it.

While recently speaking with The Sunday Times, Ora was asked about the fleeting relationship she had with Kardashian, to which she responded:  "Oh, I forgot about that." She quickly saved — what I can only imagine would have been a slap in the face to Rob — by adding that once reminded, she has very fond memories of their relationship.

"It was very short-lived," she explained. "I was so young it was fun. It was very, very fun, I guess. That's all I remember." Ora and Kardashian initially sparked dating rumors in summer 2012, but ended up calling it quits in November of that year. "It's really sad... they really liked each other but with him living in L.A. and her over in London, it was becoming impossible to maintain a relationship," an inside source revealed at the time of their breakup.

Nowadays, Kardashian has a new girlfriend, Aileen Giselle, whom he reportedly started dating in August. "Rob’s sisters noticed he’s way more happy and they managed to get it out of him that he was talking to someone he likes, but that was all they could get. They’ve been giving him his space, but now that this is out there they’ll be grilling him for more," a source revealed at the time.

"If it is serious, they will want to meet her right away. They are very protective of him…Being the only Kardashian brother has its perks. But it can also feel overwhelming any time he starts dating a girl because of course, his sisters would love to know all the details. Especially since Dream is in the picture now, it’s not only about Rob any longer."

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