In the news world, it's easy to write something a little too quickly and make a mistake as a result. If there's breaking news, you want to be the first to report on it. As long as you go back and fix your error within a few seconds, you're usually good. However, something of this magnitude is pretty hilarious. 

Earlier today, we reported that Post Malone would be among this year's performers at the Grammy Awards. The selection makes absolute sense given his chart dominance in 2018. The Texan superstar made a strong impact as a crossover star, getting his music heard across the globe. However, some people were so duped by Rita Ora's convincing Halloween costume of the rapper that they actually believed that she was him for a minute. 

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

The Hollywood Reporter wrote that Cardi B, Posty and Camila Cabello would all be performing at the upcoming award ceremony but instead of using a photo of Post Malone, they inserted one of Rita Ora dressed like him. Honest mistake, I guess. 

This past Halloween, Rita won pretty much every contest with her Post Malone costume, complete with face tattoos, facial hair, a cigarette and a beer bottle. Either the publication didn't realize that they were two different people or they figured they would just troll us all.