As she sets to embark on her acting career, Rihanna's Wikipedia page was momentarily hacked Tuesday. Before Wikipedia could rectify the situation though, her bio was riddle with a string of insults. The introduction read, "Fake singer that likes to give head, deep throat, blowjobs, handjobs and likes to [sic] other women." Concidentally, the Bajan singer is amid a growing feud with Azealia Banks.

"She likes to kiss women in the mouth ans [sic] likes to touch them a lot," the hackers wrote. "Her music is fake as and is [sic] copies from other artist like me. She has lots of problems besides like watching Elmo at night with other women in her bed together."

The spat began when the two artists disagreed over Cheeto Mussolini's executive order to ban refugees from seven majority-Muslim countries. Rihanna protested the ban while Banks, who has nothing but love and admiration for President Trump and everything he does, lambasted RiRi. Rihanna shot back on social media, going as far as revealing Banks' personal phone number when she shared a text message where the "212" rapper disses her. In retaliation, the self-described bruja, known for allegedly sacrificing chickens, released the singer's personal digits in an IG post.

Speaking of psychos, the Anti diva is set to appear in Bates Motel this year. She also has a starring role in Ocean's 8 in 2018.