For the most part, the majority of Twitter users stan Rihanna to the fullest. They will support anything she does as she has one of the strongest fanbases on the social network. However, fans are still unsure about how to react to Riri's risky look on the cover of British Vogue. The shoot embraced nature, keeping flowers atop her head but one aspect of her appearance was less than natural. The star's eyebrows appeared to have been shaved off and penciled back on, recreating a trend that people were already uncertain about. When we posted about the Vogue reveal, many were quick to point out that the recording artist's eyebrows were not doing anything for them. It's looking like the rest of the internet agreed.

The issue officially hits newsstands tomorrow but crowds were quick to point out the Bajan superstar's ultra-thin brows. Many are supporting her in her decision to take risks with her look but they're refusing to participate in the madness, choosing to leave skinny brows far in the past. Rihanna has always been a trendsetter and this is almost sure to get women trying out the trend with their razors and make-up supplies. For Rih's sake, hopefully, they're using her Fenty line of products to recreate the look.

Peep some of the most eye-catching reactions to her daring choice and let us know how you feel about the look.