Rihanna had an iconic moment at this year's New York Fashion Week. At the seminal artist's return to the lineup, she debuted her Savage x Fenty line in the distinguished closing time slot, scheduled to begin at 7:30 PM. This celebrated time slot was previously held by well-known fashion designer Marc Jacobs, whose show was rescheduled to commence at 6:30 PM. Jacobs' show was, however, over an hour late in beginning and several reports speculate this may have been an intentional move by the designer to thwart the Savage x Fenty designer.

Guests of Jacobs' show were made aware of a possible half-hour delay before the show began, but when half an hour stretched into an hour and twenty-four minutes, people started to make their way out, with some headed in the direction of Brooklyn Navy Yard to catch Ri's show. Those in attendance took to social media to discuss the situation, with Booth Moore of The Hollywood Reporter even sharing an image of some of the empty front row seats at Jacobs' show. Fashion journalist Christina Binkley also joined in on the conversation speculating that Jacobs delayed the show to sabotage the Savage x Fenty show. 

The Associated Press reports that Marc Jacobs' staff stated the reason behind the notable delay as being “an errant clothing delivery, no doubt caught in rush-hour traffic, exacerbated by the rain.” Jacobs' himself has yet to comment on the situation directly.