Containing over a thousand photos of Rihanna over the years, the pop star's first-ever visual autobiography is officially out and it's selling well. While it does have a relatively high price point, the Rihanna Navy couldn't care any less about shelling out their hard-earned dollars to support the Bajan Beauty. With Cyber Monday deals in full effect, Robyn Fenty knows that people have their credit cards ready to go, sitting by the computers with hopes that a solid deal will arise. The singer may not be offering her book at a discounted price but she did upload a special version of it to her website, selling an exclusive collaboration with Phaidon and inviting her audience to check it out in a way that she has mastered: with partial nudity.

Aurelien Meunier/Getty Images

We wouldn't exactly call Rihanna's latest post a thirst trap. The recording artist is using her tools to generate sales, which she has been doing since the launch of her lingerie line. Constantly uploading sexy snaps of herself in her own gear, Rihanna opened up her autobiography and placed the book to physically cover up her naked body. "Have you seen what’s in between the covers," teased RiRi in her caption. We're sure a ton of men and women would love to have a quick look at what's between the front and back covers of that particular copy.

Have you already purchased your issue of Rihanna's visual autobiography?