It is an important time for American citizens across the country as the window to register to vote nears closing. A number of influential people from a variety of backgrounds and careers like Yara Shahidi, Taylor Swift, and Michelle Obama have urged their fans and followers to make their voices heard by registering to vote. Barbados born musician and entrepreneur Rihanna has done the same sharing an endearing and insightful post to her Instagram. 

"GOOD MORNING AMERICA ☀️ Who is awake this morning? And who’s woke?" she wrote. "Cause today is an extremely crucial day to the future of America!!! Today is the last day in 14 states to REGISTER TO VOTE... I’m talking to you ARIZONA, ARKANSAS, FLORIDA, GEORGIA, INDIANA, KENTUCKY, LOUISIANA, MICHIGAN, MISSISSIPPI, NEW MEXICO, OHIO, PENNSYLVANIA, TENNESSEE, TEXAS. " Rih went on to highlight the relevance of the occasion and the responsibility given to each person with the ability to vote writing, "You have 1 job today and that is to properly register to vote. I don’t care what responsibilities you have today, there’s no greater responsibility than being in control of your future and the future starts NOW!!" She went on to claim, "We don’t have time, no procrastinating, don’t let the discouragement take you off [course], that’s not how my people or my generation will go down...this is the loudest way to make your voice heard! REGISTER TODAY! Let’s go!!!"

 Check out the post below, and visit to register.