Rihanna is taking her acting career to the next level. Yesterday, she shared the first image of a scene from Oceans 8, in which she's part of a badass all-female cast that includes Cate Blanchett, Sandra Bullock, and Sarah Paulson. Before that surefire blockbuster premieres in Summer 2018, RiRi will be hitting the small screen. She made a surprising but sensational appearance in the brand new trailer for the fifth season of the A&E series Bates Motel

"Can I get a room," says a rain-soaked Rihanna as she mysteriously emerges in the doorway of the Bates Motel's front office. As Bates Motel is a spin-off of the film Psycho, fans of the Alfred Hitchcock classic will be fascinated to know that Rihanna will play the character of Marion Crane, who is the focus of one of the most famous scenes in cinema history. That's right, a shower scene involving Rihanna is impending.

The trailer closes with Norman Bates looking through a peep hole, breathing heavily as one can hear the shower running. The scene might end in a grisly manner, but remember that Rihanna is no stranger to having a bit of blood on her naked physique.