While Kanye West and A$AP Rocky are usually the first artists people think of when considering music to fashion crossovers, Rihanna is quietly putting together a resume that can give both a run for their money. Her Fenty line for PUMA has a successful first season, and now the release of her SS17 collection is upon us.

Rihanna teased the release via an Instagram post this morning, showing a shot of her with her models from the Spring/Summer 2017 fashion show that happened back in Septemberย of last year in Paris. Weโ€™ve included a few shots from that show so you can get acquainted.

Not one to shy away from gaudy looks, this season is draped in pink and purple, with items that kind of defy categorization. Is it a jacket? Is it a dress? Military green and white somewhat balance out the otherwise very feminine looks.

Rihannaโ€™s post only references the footwear is coming out on March 9. That includes the chunky sneaker boots, bandana-topped slides, furry slippers and various laced heels. Based on some of her previous stuff, youโ€™ll need very good credit to cop anything from the new Fenty x PUMA collection.