Whether or not she's performing, Rihanna always tends to leave a strong impression at Coachella, and 2018 is no exception. On day 1 of the festival, Rihanna showed up in a 60s-inspired look that made sure you couldn't miss her in the crowd. Of course, many fans who spotted her made sure to get a snap of their chance encounter with the pop legend. In general, fans on Twitter applauded the fashion icon's outfit. Rihanna herself shared some photos on Instagram Saturday, captioning them with "the 60s started it," and "came thru drippin'," a quote from Cardi B's "Drip" off her new "bomb ass album." It's been reported that she caught The Weeknd's headlining set. Check out some of the reactions to Rihanna's first Coachella 2018 appearance below.


Of course, the subject of Rihanna at Coachella brought back some classic festival moments from the singer. There was that time in 2012 where she rolled a bunt on her security guards head while sitting on his shoulders. Not to mention, her sparkling Gucci bodysuit from 2017.

It raises the question, what else does Rihanna have planned for Coachella 2018? Guess we'll find out soon enough.