They say that everyone has a doppelganger, and it looks like the next generation is getting their own Rihanna. Earlier today, the pop star shared a photo of a young girl that bears a striking resemblance to singer. Rihanna was just as confused as her followers as she wrote in the caption, "Almost drop my phone. how?"

Thousands of people commented that RiRi's mini-me was about to take the world by storm, and five million Instagram likes later, the girl is a viral sensation. A little internet sleuthing found that the girl's name is Ala’a Skyy, although it's unclear how old she is. Her mother, Bria, often shares photos of Ala'a on social media and the striking resemblance to Rihanna caused the singer's fans to tag her in the young girl's pictures.

In another Instagram photo, proud mother Bria shared a lengthy, loving message to her daughter for her birthday last month. "You broke my barrier into motherhood. You were the light I never knew I needed," Bria wrote. "You were my first introduction into the true meaning of selfless, unconditional love. You unknowingly challenged me to be better, encouraged me to fight harder and at times annoyingly forced me to become a more patient. Your life has given me breath in so many ways. You have taught me the importance of self-reflection and reminded me that how I see myself will influence how you see yourself."

She continued, "The thought of you influences every decision I make. The moment you were born as we made our first introduction face to face, I vowed to give you all of me." So sweet! We wouldn't be surprised if Ala'a Skyy was featured in an upcoming Rihanna-related project. Do you think she looks like Rihanna?