A songwriter named Glass John, who apparently wrote an unreleased Rihanna song titled "Kiss It Better," is not happy with how Travis Scott is influencing RiRi's upcoming album, ANTI.

Rihanna had shared a snippet of "Kiss It Better" in December 2014, and John had reposted the same clip, revealing that he wrote the song and that it was produced by GOOD Music's Jeff Bhasker. 

In a lengthy rant he unleashed today on Twitter, John claimed "Kiss It Better" would have been the lead single off Rihanna's forthcoming album were it not for Travis Scott. He also suggested that Scott convinced Rihanna to change the name of the album from R8 to ANTI, a title he is not pleased with. John thinks the album would have been released already if Scott had not attempted to persuade Rihanna to make a "trap hood ghetto album." 

He went on to threaten Scott for taking Rihanna to "ghetto unsafe clubs," alluding to the club that she and Scott were forced to leave a few days ago because gunshots were heard outside.

John refers to Rihanna as his "wife" several times throughout his tirade. 

Read his series of tweets, as well an an Instagram video he posted to confirm he wasn't hacked, below.