If we could only pick one word to describe Rihanna, it would have to be “visionary.” As a Pisces, she’s constantly dreaming bigger than everyone else around her, endlessly creating new innovations that expand not only her creative portfolio, but also her mind.

Over the years, we’ve seen the 33-year-old make music, makeup, skin care, perfume, movies, luxury clothing, and lingerie. Her many art forms have helped her build her mighty Navy, but after witnessing her latest design, some people have decided that it’s time to jump ship.

Just a few days ago, Bad Gal Riri hopped onto her Instagram story to show off some bold assless pyjama pants that obviously look great on her, but may be a bit much for the average Joe. Of course, many couldn’t help but thirst over the “Pon de Replay” singer’s round behind poking out of her pants, but a good number of others are questioning the designer’s thought process.

“I’m not rocking with this new Fenty lingerie release,” one person tweeted after seeing the footage. “There is NOTHING sexy about a butt crack miss plumber girl.” Another added, “not a big fan of the new Savage Fenty pajamas with the chaps-style cutout on the butt… The pajamas are too baggy and the cut looks strangely shaped. Had the opportunity to look good like those Xtina rave pants, but what the hell happened?!”

Check out Rihanna modelling her new pants below and let us know what you think in the comments.