Considering the image of her in a cherry-bikini that broke the internet, it's no wonder why people are dying to know her secrets to maintaining that body. In a new interview with the 32-year-old, the mogul revealed details about her diet, an upcoming cookbook, and plans for the new year. 

The businesswoman explained that while she eats "well on a day-to-day basis," she has no problem indulging in comfort foods like mac 'n' cheese and Shepherd's pie. 'I won't deprive myself. If I want a cheeseburger, then I am going to have one. I will exercise three or four times a week as well - feeling healthy is important to me,' the songstress detailed in an interview Friday.

She added, 'Feeling comfortable in your own skin is a journey. We all have to learn self-love. If we really think about it, I am sure we can all find flaws with our body – but when we really learn to love ourselves, then we end up embracing our flaws.'

Always one to be working on many things at once, the actress is currently writing a cookbook full of recipes native to her home country Barbados where she'll be spending the holidays this year. 

'It's important to be with friends and family – but I feel at such peace when I am there. It is the most beautiful place, with incredible, beaches, food and people,' the Fenty CEO disclosed. As for New Year's resolutions, Rih said in 2021 she wants "to take my music and my brands to a different level."  

In other bad girl Riri news, the actress was spotted out in Barbados this weekend at a gas station by a fan, posing for a video. 

As she continues to grow her empire, we certainly do hope to hear new music from Rihanna in 2021.