It's been over two weeks since CNN posted a video exposing the Libya slave trade after journalists wore undercover cameras to see the horrific act of men in black masks selling African men for as little as $400 to bidders. 

Since then a number of tragic photos went viral on the web, showing victims who left Libya for a better life to venture over the sea to Europe but end up in the hands of other humans looking to get money by selling them to others to conduct farm work. 

We recently shared posts made by T.I. and Chris Brown looking to bring awareness to the happenings by sharing how "truly disgusted" they are with their number of social media followers. 

More artists have followed behind Tip and Breezy to use their platform to bring even more light to the dark matter. Rihanna shared a video to her Instagram telling the world to "wake up."

Pharrell, Mick Jenkins, Lupe Fiasco, and Common also shared a few words saying, "we must stand up and speak out for our brothers and sisters in Libya."