Rihanna could be considered the queen of giving absolutely 0 f*cks. From being cool about her habit of stealing wine glasses from establishments to consistently putting reporters in their place, the "Man Down" singer shows no qualms about being unapologetically badgalriri. Her latest display of badassery comes in the form of her new eyeliner featured in the cosmetic brand Fenty Beauty. The black liner's color is dubbed "CUZ I'M BLACK." The name given to the liner's color refers to one of her clapbacks aimed towards a "fan" who commented on one of her pictures, writing "why does her hair look so nappy?" Riri's response: "cuz I'm black b*tch!"

Fenty has effectively immortalized shade in this shade of eyeliner. It's meta. It's wonderful. And @ninyabella's twitter account is currently set to private. We love it.

On a music tip, Rihanna is expected to be back in our ears shortly. There are talks of the artist having a double disk in the making. Her next effort is rumored to include a return to her roots, back to the Carribean flavor found in Music of The Sun. It has been over two years since her last album ANTI came out in January 2016. Rihanna's fans have been spoiled with cosmetics and clothing lines since then, but the music is most welcome at this point.