The fire spread currently engulfing Australia, the worst wildfires the country's seen in decades, has caused many across the world to react with an outpouring of love and well-wishes. The latest to join the social interaction is none other than the pop queen herself Rihanna, taking to her wildly-influential Instagram account to make sure the masses are aware of how serious it is.

"Devastating," is all the Anti hitmaker could say, followed by a tear-filled emoji and the #Australia hashtag to really make sure her message could be seen. The image she decided to share is almost unbelievable, showing the continent nearly engulfed fully in flames and dark matter. According to CNN, the numbers are pretty staggering to say the least. This past Sunday (Jan 5) saw around 2,700 firefighters on active duty, in addition to "3,000 army reserve forces and others with specialist capabilities to help fight the flames" as CNN details. As of today, 136 fires are burning across New South Wales, with 69 of those not even being contained according to the NSW Rural Fire Service (seen below).

Alongside Rihanna, our prayers are definitely with those currently facing the devastation currently going on in Australia. We'll be sure to keep you all updated on the latest.