It's not Throwback Thursday, but to Rihanna, it might as well be. The Barbadian singer took to Instagram recently to post a few videos that see her jamming out to her debut album, Music of the Sun. Her track of choice is the lead single "Pon De Replay" and honestly, it takes us back. Rihanna clearly feels the same way, as one of the video's captioned with: "when they wanna bring up old shit."

Check out the clip below.

In other news surrounding Rihanna, and aside from her release date for her lingerie line, British singer Adele shared the kindest words about her friend Rihanna for Time magazine. "I actually can't remember the first time I met Rihanna; I was probably numb from the shock of it," she wrote. "Whenever I've met her, she's been the most gracious, loyal, and funny goofball of an icon. She glows like when someone's taken a picture with a flash and you're dazed for a few minutes after. But it's also very clear in that glow that she genuinely doesn't give a f-ck; she's fearless and full of all the right kind of attitude to be everything that she is and will be forever."