Howard University's been catching a lot of flack and students are understandably pissed about it all. There was a recent scandal that found $1M stolen from the school's financial aid, so you could only assume how some of the student's are feeling about it. It was reported that several employees were fired following the revelation and the school's President said that the scenario is being investigated. However, the money was clearly taken from students that need it the most and to make their point clear, they protested.

Footage from Howard University students protesting the recent financial aid scandal popped up earlier today. With money missing, it makes perfect sense that they'd use Rihanna's, "Bitch Better Have My Money," as their battle cry. Students rallied inside of the administration building and blared the song while singing along to the lyrics. Despite the fact that administration has fired several employees, students are still looking for answers.

On Wednesday, President Wayne Fredrick issued a statement about the matter. He said that these allegations first came to his attention in 2016 and the internal investigation showed that some of the employees working between 2007 and 2016 gave themselves fake grants and scholarships which ultimately got pocketed. Those same students already had free tuition so the managed to make bank out off of their scheme.

Peep the protest video below.