While some stars choose to go under the knife or spend hours training in the gym to get their ideal body, others, like Lizzo and Yung Baby Tate have opted to embrace and love their natural bodies. Unfortunately, the latter has been facing hate after posting a photo showing her untoned stomach. 

“I really been going off on bitches for 2 days straight,” Tate tweeted out earlier this week. “It’s always people with the least going on with the most to say. MY BODY is MY BODY to work on or NOT!”


Body shamers have been leaving hateful comments under the singer’s photos, saying things like, “she can lose 10lbs.”

The 25-year-old didn’t hesitate to throw major shade in her reply, writing, “you can lose $10 and u would be bankrupt. Stay out my business and go get some.”

Tate’s hater was quick to come for her again, commenting, “girl u must be pressed cus even with all this money u got u can’t pay for a new look.”

“Girl go feed your kids and husband. Don’t worry bout what a rich bitch like me is eating! Just know it’s GOOD,” the “Poof Be Gone” singer shot back within seconds. 

Plenty of the Georgia native’s fans were quick to come to her defence, and as it turns out, even Rihanna had some kind words for her.

“I’m really crying y’all Rihanna just dmd me,” Tate tweeted. “Y’all gone be so mad when I link with Savage X Fenty in this bomb ass body of mine.”

The star didn’t provide us with receipts revealing what she and Rihanna talked about, but from the sounds of things, Yung Baby Tate may be collaborating with Riri’s lingerie line in the near future. 

See Tate defending herself from the haters in the post below.