Rihanna's ANTI is out now and doing its thing on the charts (although not quite as big of a thing as we expected, but that could change by the end of this week). The pop star headed to Ellen Degeneres' show yesterday, where she finally put the rumors to rest concerning her love life, and spoke on her munchie-heavy tour rider.

When asked if there is someone she really wants to be with right now, she answers the question by saying, "I'm single right now. And it's not that I'm like, 'pro single, yes! I hate men.' It's just that I have so much on my plate I can't find the time to entertain a steady relationship or something serious, or even a text, right now it's just crazy."

Ellen tries to catch RiRi in a trap by hinting at a relationship of sorts with Drake, and even stating the two are going on tour together-- but Rihanna isn't having it, "He's not touring with me," she states dryly. 

Watch the segments with Rihanna and Ellen (and George Clooney) below.