Being the head of a major skincare brand, Rihanna needs to know everything about how to best treat your skin. From cleansers and moisturizers to daily SPF protection, her new Fenty Skin line has everything you need to keep glowing year-round. 

If you're not wearing an SPF protection as part of your daily skincare routine, Rihanna has a message, threatening wrinkles if you don't follow her guidelines.

Promoting the Fenty Skin Start’rs bundle, which includes an SPF 30 cream, RiRi preached the benefit of a daily sun protector, which one fan seemingly didn't understand.

"It's winter now," commented a stan on the post, not realizing that the sun stays doing its thing for the entirety of the year.

As you know, Rihanna didn't just give herself the "bad gal" nickname, she earned it. She didn't hold back as she clapped back against her supporter, putting her in her place and possibly saving her skin.

"It's the ignorance for me!" commented back the pop star. "You gon have wrinkles if you think spf is seasonal! But continue."

It doesn't matter if the person is a fan or a hater, Rihanna will always have the last word.

She recently announced that, in addition to her Fenty Skin line which is catered to men and women, she will also be releasing an expansion of her Savage X Fenty empire with men's underwear included

Will you be picking up a pair for yourself?