Yesterday, a law was passed that just about bans women from getting an abortion. Any doctors that decide to perform abortions in the state of Alabama would be subject to a life sentence in prison, which is insane regardless of how you feel about abortion laws. Women should have the right to govern their own bodies and this just feels like a massive step backwards. It has rightfully been met with criticism from many people online and celebrities are doing their part to shame the people who decided to actually pass this new law.

Rihanna is the latest artist to speak about the abortion ban in Alabama, posting photos of all the men who voted to approve it. "Take a look, these are the idiots making decisions for WOMEN in America," she wrote, sharing a post with the faces of twenty-five different men. She went on to single out Kay Ivey, the governor of Alabama, who decided to sign into the law, which she says is a "powerful testament" to the fact that the citizens of Alabama believe that every life "is precious." 

Rihanna is one of many women to voice their opinions on this new law, with many referring to it as "disgusting."