Just when it seemed like Diplo couldn't catch a break, he got one from one of the world's hottest singers.

Yesterday, we reported on the DJ/producer's story that he told in a new GQ Style interview about Rihanna rebuffing his request for a song feature. After playing her a beat, the songstress reportedly told him that it sounded like "a reggae song at an airport." Whether or not you think it's an apt comparison, no one can deny that it may have been a bit of a harsh way to shut down someone who, especially as part of Major Lazer, has been responsible for crafting some of the biggest chart hits of the past two or three years.

All is not lost in this professional relationship, however. Rihanna took to her official Instagram account to apologize to Diplo for her previous comments. "My bad," she wrote in the caption for her photo, presenting a small olive branch to the famed producer. Who knows if this will make it easier for Diplo to nab RiRi for a future collaboration or not, but he seemed pretty determined to make it happen at the outset. Especially now that the proverbial ice has been broken, maybe we'll be able to see Rihanna join forces with either him or Major Lazer down the road.