It took almost a week to make its way online, but Rihanna and Teyana Taylor took one of greatest photos to come out of Coachella weekend one. Wearing some of the most elaborate outfits we've seen at the festival so far, the two posed for a pic at Day 3 of the fest, putting to bed any assumptions that they weren't on good terms.

You may remember in 2013 when the two had a very public feud on Twitter which began with Rihanna seemingly mocking Teyana's Anita Baker cover on Instagram and ended with net worths being posted and threats being uttered. It's not clear when things were mended between the two, but this photo suggests that relations between the R&B-pop forces have never been better, and Twitter is very happy to see it. In fact, they're calling for a collaboration. At the same time, the legendary beef will never be forgotten.

Teyana Taylor's sophomore album release date was recently announced by way of Kanye West. Meanwhile, Rihanna has been teasing what fans assume to be a new project of her own. Could a collaboration live on either of these projects? We'll have to wait and see.