Fresh off her trailblazing NYWF presentation and her recent Diamond Ball, Rihanna has penned an op-ed piece for The Guardian. The piece speaks on the importance of worldwide education and advocates for its advancement, as well as support initiatives. 

In the piece, Ri addresses how her upbringing and experiences have shaped her views on education and encouraged her to fight towards achieving universal education for children. “Growing up in Barbados, I did not always love school. It can feel like a grind, especially when you’d rather be singing, playing sports or doing pretty much anything other than homework,” she wrote. “I realise now that I often took it for granted that I was even able to go to school. Education can be stolen from you in a second.”

The musician and entrepreneur has been involved in various projects aimed at advocating for children's education. She recently served as an ambassador for the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) which saw her traveling to Malawi, and also traveled to Senegal for the GPE's finance conference“We are grateful for the generous contributions of those such as the EU and France, and countries that doubled their contributions such as Canada and Ireland,” she shared. “I look forward to seeing additional contributions from countries I know can step up even more, such as Germany and Japan, and seeing those that didn’t contribute – the Netherlands, Finland and New Zealand add their support to help us reach our target.”

The piece is endearing, insightful and informative. You can read it here